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Pansexual. Apatheist. Waist Training. Faerie. Unseelie. 18. Concert Freak. Kill HannaH and Get Scared enthusiast. Expect Vegan and Pagan stuff, bands, Corsets/Waist training, faeries, Loki, art, porn, and rats. I track the tag viktoriaashleyy
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The best part is he gets slowly more annoyed

god i love this show

Miss this show 

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Brittney Cooper, White Supremacy Wins Again: Melissa Harris Perry and the Racial False Equivalence (via checkprivilege)

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That both Mitt Romney and Phil Robertson have and love black grandbabies should remind us that racism is not primarily about individual attitudes. White folks can love individual black people and still build a world that is inhospitable to black folks. In fact, individual and exceptional black achievers are necessary to maintain the lie of racial progress. Their presence has very little to do with systemic change, though.
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